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    Thursday, March 5th, 2015
    10:56 am
    The sister creature will be letting her mother go free range .. her ortho appt went well and her heel was deemed fully healed. I doubt her mother will take the news well, she has had my sister at her beck and call for about 9 months. Bad behavior will ensue with that news.

    Today is the anniversary of my Fathers accident, I still get bitter about this, he survived it, he was still Daddy after the head injury, and then in less than 2 months he had an aneurysm and died. Life is cruel and unfair, thats for sure.

    Getting ready to leave to go to my hair appointment with the sister, I need our stylist to do something with my Centari mini-ruffle sticking up, and the rest of my hair laying down.. then we might go and do something silly. Or have to pick up the Kidlet.
    2:25 am
    Wednesday, March 4th, 2015
    12:31 pm
    Cousin picked up the mower yesterday, and said it might need a new battery for the starter. Thats cool. We did chat a bit, and he and his wife are looking to move in the near future, I asked that they dont move too far away from OC.

    Did my errands, redeemed my coupons, and only really had one impulse buy of a piece of solar yard art, a white VW Bug with three frogs on top. I can show you white VW Bugs in my photo albums... grin.. so this was irresistable to me.

    Met up with the sister creature, today is the day she will find out about her Mothers foot, and if its a go, she will come back to her own life. She has done a great job taking care of her mother, but its really not good for her. Her mom is in for a rude awakening if the doc says her foot is completely healed and then my sister leaves her to her own devices. She has gotten very ... trying to find polite words... possessive of my sister where her only purpose for living is to be at her moms beck and call. Its not been pretty of late.

    After dinner with the sister, I went off to OMSI for the Egypt lecture, it was a combined meeting with the OAI, and there were several other archaeological societies represented. This lecture was on three Queens before Hatshepsut who had Pharoah like powers and representations in stele and temple inscriptions. It was quite good and I learned about whats new at Abydos and the sites there.

    Home to the always cranky kitty.

    today, the Patty Briggs and Anne Bishop signing at the Btown Powells.
    Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015
    12:18 pm
    my cousin is coming over here in a bit to pick up my lawn mower to give it a spring tuneup for me... which would be nice since the keystart isnt working. I do have the neighbor kid to mow and he can pull start it, but I do like the mower to work fully.

    Then its errands and New Book Tuesday (yeah!!) and then the Egypt lecture tonight.
    Monday, March 2nd, 2015
    9:47 pm
    Car service appointment went well, I used my last oil change coupon, I bought the service contract when I got the car, and its all gone now. Well, I do have a percentage off coupon on some new windshield wipers, but I will wait until fall for that. The issue with my rear window defroster was that the connector was slightly ... disonnected, and they plugged it back in. I got an estimate on how much it would cost to get the interior detailed, and they would need it for an entire day so the upholstery can dry. I will consider it.

    Got home after dark, finally got to TFAW to pick up my comixs, its been almost 3 months ... I think.. so I had a bit of a backlog.

    Tomorrow, ARCE lecture at OMSI at 7pm, I tried to copy and paste the flyer for it, but it just doesnt cooperate.
    12:01 am
    yesterday I got some errands run, and dirt and poo was obtained at Home Despot. I made it home and unloaded the car, and was losing daylight, but I did manage to get some veggie starts planted.

    Today, I got outside and just felt miserable and no energy, but, I toddled along anyways, I finished planting the rest of the veg and I got the Eygptian corner cleaned up and new bark dust down, and I got the two new planters in situ with new bulbs. I also wrangled the bird feeding station in the corner on its new base stone after putting down some pea gravel under it.

    I thought I had lost the new blueberry bush that I had planted a while back, but I found its spindly stick and fussed over it some. A little clean up here, and a little there. I did get the bird feeders refilled and I did do one of the feeding stations by the while picket fence .. got it up on its new base too.

    tomorrow, I have an appt for the car for its oil change.
    Saturday, February 28th, 2015
    1:00 am
    My timing was way off today, but I did the requisite bills paid, the VAMC dealt with despite their best efforts otherwise, and some of my errands run.

    I will fit the rest in over the next week or so.

    I bought a ROKU device while at Costco, and will puzzle it out too..
    Friday, February 27th, 2015
    12:04 am
    I am very OCD about appointments and the like, so let us say that what I had written on my calender for Mothers appt wasnt quite right, for starts it was two appts, and the time was different and at a different clinic. The appts were redone, I took Mother shopping and then back to her domicile. We try again next week.

    One ray of sunshine, she asked me for a gun so she can end this. I am so very very tempted.
    Thursday, February 26th, 2015
    10:21 am
    I stayed up reading last night and then got up early ... so I can take Mother to her eye appt. I dislike having to do things by the daywalkers clock... I would rather stay with my nocturnal lifestyle.

    After giving it a lot of thought, I have declared February a lost month, I couldnt get the dates and the days to sync up and was constantly out of step, and I dont think I got much done either. I know its part of the recovery from the brain surgery, mentally I feel really good, but the brain still skips and stutters here and there, and the slippery memory bobbles. Another part is that I feel like I can do most anything now, but I loose track of the fact that I am physically not capable of it. Brain surgery didnt cure the fibromyalgia, the arthritis, being fat and out of shape.. the allergies, the bad vertrebrae, cure my sleep dysfunction, the bladder issues, nor did it clean my house either. *sigh* The list goes on and on.

    I will do what I can, I want to do the drive up to Bremerton/Port Townsend once the days get longer to visit friends up that aways. I will ask my sister to look after the Resident Evil Feline for me when I do, just being able to make the drive .... yeah, that would be good.

    But, until then, I have to deal with my end of managing Mother's Life ... if she would get off her snit that Big Brother is now The Spawn of Satan (which has been my designation forever!) and settle down, it would make things easier.
    1:24 am
    Ihad a late start to my day, but I got my last of Feb and beginning of March bills located and written out, annotated, recoreded and then stamped and mailed. Except for the ones I pay in person that is.

    Tried printingout the Left Coast Crime membership list to highlight the authors, but of course, all the names printed out with the exception of the authors. *sigh*

    Took a gander at the calenders for the last bit of Feb and of March to fix in my head what I should be doing.

    Tomorrow, have to take Mother to her eye appt, the first in what might be the cataract/cornea replacement surgery... I forget what it is, but she needs it done, then she needs new glasses.
    Monday, February 23rd, 2015
    5:42 pm
    Got two hours in outside, I got another two feet abouts of the white picket fence bed hacked at with a hoe, and planted some more of the fall bulbs. Filled up a new planted, more bulbs, and of course, I ran out of dirt and energy.

    Sat and watched my birdies, I had finches and wrens about 4 feet from me at some points, and when I was putting things away, I had my first blackbird of the year on top of the finch feeder making its call to its buddies or mate.
    2:06 am
    The spagetti feed went well, my Youngest Niece and her girlfriend were there, and I wished my sister in law a Happy Birthday, then I came home. I wasnt feeling all that well, and then I ate too much sugar and then felt deathly ill.

    Watched the Oscars, and then had a 90 minute power outage, so I played cribbage on my Nook ... the cat wasnt impressed with no lights and no heat.
    Saturday, February 21st, 2015
    1:22 pm
    Turns out that the spagetti feed is on Sunday, not today, which is good, because I stayed up really late reading. I wanted to finish the book I was reading, I didnt want to put it down and then not get back into it today.

    Got bills paid yesterday, including my water bill which I had forgotten about. Finished up the rest of the Feb birthdays with one exception because I want to write a letter for that one.

    I did recall a song while I was out and about, and I heard it in my head! Not all of it, but, it was there. Still struggling a bit with doing math mentally, but I am getting closer to the real numbers. Time is still slippery, I have to be more attentive to that.

    There is sunlight outside, I need to get my sunday paper and deposit a check, so I might get some yard time done, I still need to put the empty bins back too.
    Thursday, February 19th, 2015
    11:59 pm
    Got my trash prep done today, and all three bins are out to the curb. I did refill the back bird feeding stations and I planted the new blueberry start. Other than that, nada.

    Talked to the jewelers that are fixing my rings it will be another 2 weeks, they had a question about the black enameling, they have to replace it with what they are using for it now, rather than what was in there originally, I didnt understand why there was a problem since the letters werent cut, but its got to do with heating the rings to fix them that burns it out. *sigh* I am so not happy over this entire deal, I hope that my rings when done are still pretty, but, after 40 years, I am attached to what they were when I got them.

    I have started the book on Alan Turing, its 750+ pages and a bitch to hang onto, its a small trade paperback after all. I still have some shifter smut books to read, so I can swap back and forth on it.

    Tomorrow, errands and bill paying. I need to find out from the sister creature about saturday and the church spagetti feed, as in time and cost, that would be nice to know.
    Wednesday, February 18th, 2015
    7:35 pm
    The weather went to overcast and cloudy, which figures since I wanted to watch the black/crescent moon tonight. The joints all got cranky and I got nothing done. I ate leftover pizza and read about 500 epages on a few stories. Pretty much whatever came out yesterday that I had pre-ordered. Hanging onto a physical book isnt comfy today for the creaky muscles.
    12:57 pm
    I had a very slow start to my tuesday, but I met up with the sister creature... she was watching the Kidlet due to a no school day, and I dropped off the brochures for the equine events, one is this weekend, and the other is mid March. I then set out on my route.

    BiMart has started to get some plants in, veggie starts for the garden... of which I picked up the 6 pack of varigated carrots, and I went to B&N to see what new books were out, I did pick up a nice fat chunky book on Alan Turing with lots of codebreaking details, which of course, *ahem* I will pretend to know nothing of. Its been awhile since the old plug and play days. Went to Lowe's .. didnt see anything exciting there, went to the grocery store and got the chips and ice cream for Mother, and then dropped off that at her facility, saw my brothers truck go by when I was leaving, so I went to his house and gave him the rcpt so I can get my money back, and then over to the sister creatures house as she was done with the Kidlet and we went out for pizza.

    Then home again to one cranky and whiny feline.

    Not too sure what I will do today, still a bit groggy and trying to wake up.
    Tuesday, February 17th, 2015
    1:16 am
    The past two days I have gotten about 3 hours a day outside working in the yard. Its not glamorous, but, I got the yard bin full of debris and progress in other areas. I did move one bird feeder a few feet over, I got a new cement square to put it on and maybe this time it wont sink into the soft dirt.

    Got another one of the raised beds topped up with fresh cow poo, and another one cleaned up. I got more bark dust down in the front curbside beds too. A few more things planted, but not as many as I had hoped. I did a lot of time in my chair as I was cleaning up some of the beds, I can sit there nicely and rake up the leaves and dead stuff, and then figure out what I need to do next.

    I still have to redo the bases of the rest of the bird feeders, and MonkeyBoy and I have discussed adding another feeder station to the mix, mostly to give more wingroom as it were.

    The neighbor 6 yr old has taken to stripping the pussywillow branches of the pussies, but thats not that destructive, I got something else chewing on the bark of the trunk too.

    I had a bit of a whoopsey with the bird seed when I was refilling all the feeders, and dumped a fair amount in the driveway, its gone down considerably despite its location. I was dumping water out of some of my containers and buckets, and I think that two of them have frog spawn in them already, well, the egg masses. I can wait and see on them. I would rather the froggies had a place to be.

    I started to lose steam today, so I am going to take a break from the yard work tomorrow, I have a couple of errands to run, and of course, new books to be in chase of. Unleash the Bookweasels in pursuit of their Prey! yup, works for me.
    Sunday, February 15th, 2015
    2:55 am
    Saturday, February 14th, 2015
    12:40 pm
    The day planned with the sister creature ended up not having the sister creature along, but I did my Vancouver run, and got my deal on the sale at C2C ... I will miss that bookstore. *sigh*

    I did meet up with the sister creature for dinner, we did Adobe Rose, I have been letting her pick where to go lately since she is so stressed. Trying to tell her some days you cant do things the way you want to, and you have to go with what you can get done .. but.. her OCD is in full flow and she isnt dealing with things well. Letting go of that grip on the ritual of doing things isnt in her reality right now. (I know, I know, I do it too, which is why I know better.. grin)

    Today, its lovely outside, so after I go and fetch my paper and perhaps a trip to Home Despot to get more pressed corn feed cylinders for the squirrel.. the pressed seed block is gone... and I am debating when I will get another one, I will get some yard time.
    Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
    9:20 pm
    I got about 3 hours of yard time in today, which was nice. I got three of the raised beds cleaned up, and one of them is now topped off with a decent layer of cow poo. I also topped up one of the flower tubs .. it was about 5 inches low from the top.

    So far, I have the mini iris and the crocus up, and buds and growth on a lot of other plants. I even have new growth on my pot with the Pere David in, and its never done that for me before, but then, I always put the pot in the garage for the winter, this fall, I only got my bay leaf (laurel) into the garage. Everything else stayed outside.

    I did plant three pots with mostly tulip bulbs and the orange spider lily bulbs that had 7 inch leaves sprouted out of them.

    There was some yard debris cleanup too, but I only half filled the yard debris bin.

    The ground feeder block was still there, but greatly gnawed down. I am not sure if its seed debris under it, or if some of my ground burrowers pushed dirt there, but the space under it was gone. I had it up on some wood scraps to keep it from meeting the earth.

    Lots of birdies today, including a pair of crows doing their thing of neighborhood watch.
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